Since starting the new pharmacy management protocol, St. Anthony’s Hospice has decreased its homecare pharmacy costs from $12 to less than $7 per patient day. This is likely to result in a savings of more than $100,000 in the first year of the program alone.

Mark Chumbler, Executive Director, St. Anthony’s Hospice

My per claim revenue has quadrupled from $3 per claim to over $13.20 per claim. Working directly with the hospice agency staff has helped solidify the relationship we have enjoyed and has built a nice foundation of trust

Tom Glover, Pharmacist / Owner, Thrifty Drugs

The step therapies and controls within the [AmerisourceBergen] hospice formulary really helps us manage the costs for the hospices. It makes our job easier

Brian Komoto, Pharmacist / Owner, Synergy Pharmacy Solutions

The Pharmacy Hospice Administrator program has allowed us to leverage our existing relationships with local hospices in an exciting new way. We not only have seen our margins on drug sales increase, but have also been able to grow our bottom line through specialized pharmacy services.

Mike Wise, Pharmacist / Owner, Herold’s Pharmacy

We are no longer spending up to 40 hours of nursing time reviewing medication invoices when we are completing the Medicare Cost Report. We have also experienced better billing practices with our contracted pharmacies having the ability to now bill our compounded medications through our Pharmacy Hospice Administrator.

Cindy Reed, Director of Nursing, Hospice of North Idaho

The Pharmacy Hospice Administrator program has helped me realize the strength pharmacy has [in] becoming an administrator. By negotiating a transparent fee structure directly with the hospice agency, [it] gives [the hospice] a sense of satisfaction that [the pharmacy] is there to manage their drug spend for their best interest

Barry Feely, Pharmacist / Owner

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