Marketing/Business Planning

Seize New Opportunities

With the foundation created by the Pharmacy to Hospice Administration (PHA) program, both the pharmacy and the hospice agency will be exposed to a wealth of new opportunities: 

PHA Program Marketing SupportPharmacies

Through the PHA program, marketing support (such as proposals, contracts and advertising) help you expand your customer base and increase your market share. Furthermore, you will have access to a vast national pharmacy provider network, providing a direct link to clinical resources and compounded medications. These tools will expand both the quantity and quality of services you can provide, making your business increasingly invaluable to your hospice clients.


Through the PHA network, your hospice has an unlimited ability for expansion. With access to over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide, as your hospice grows, your pharmacy support network can grow with you. Also, with consolidated reports, you will be able to strategically analyze your utilization and make the necessary changes to stay successful.

Power in Numbers

The PHA program provides a collaborative approach between AmerisourceBergen, the PHA pharmacy, and the hospice agency. As a member of the PHA program, you are linked with peers throughout the country in the same position. This will enable you to expand managed care services through the knowledge that you will acquire. If you’re willing to invest the time, resources and energy into taking your hospice business to the next level, we want to help you succeed. Your best effort is good. Our combined best effort is better.