Formulary Management

PHA Formulary Management One of the most powerful tools that the Pharmacy to Hospice Administration (PHA) program provides is the formulary. This proprietary formulary provides access to a comprehensive selection of common hospice medications to help prevent the selection of inappropriate or expensive medications for which more suitable alternatives exist. Through implementation of the formulary, the pharmacy and hospice team can create a cost-effective drug regimen, tailored to the patient.

Based on admitting diagnosis, the formulary is adaptive to meet each individual’s therapeutic needs. For example, patients receiving hospice care for a cardiovascular-related diagnosis will have visibility and access to all medications appropriate to care for that specific condition.

See Sample Formulary:  2016 PHA Sample Formulary ABC

Medication Guide

When a provider is present with a patient, they need the tools necessary to make quick and competent therapeutic decisions. To assist providers in the field, a medication guide is available which highlights formulary drugs appropriate for each therapeutic indication. The guide covers common hospice conditions, ranging from pain management, to anxiety and restlessness, to gastrointestinal issues.  Within each indication, the most common first-line medications are featured with indicators showing the cost impact of each therapy. The guide also features a quick reference for providers to identify formulary versus non-formulary medications.