Drug Utilization Management

Comprehensive report packages provide hospice administrators the tools to closely analyze medication utilization. Assessing these reports in tandem with the local Pharmacy to Hospice Administrator, the hospice can identify ways to improve drug selection, and ultimately decrease the overall medication costs while improving patient care.

  • Cost-impact
    Semi-monthly reports help you keep track of the big picture. These reports can be used to identify high-cost therapies, disproportionately high patient costs and much more. Members of the PHA program also receive a breakdown illustrating the impact of medication spend on cost per patient per day.

  • Formulary Utilization
    Reports show administrators how often patients are requesting non-formulary meditations. While no penalties are incurred for these products, these reports can be utilized to identify opportunities for improving costs through better formulary utilization.

  • Top Drugs
    By analyzing the highest cost-driving medications, hospices can identify which therapeutic indications are driving overall drug spend. Working with in collaboration with the local pharmacy, the hospice can develop a cost-effective treatment algorithm to improve outcomes and decrease the cost of managing these disease states.
Drug Utlization Management