Drug Price Management

To eliminate much of the guesswork associated with calculating drug costs, the AmerisourceBergen Pharmacy to Hospice Administration (PHA) program’s pricing and fee structure is made transparent. Drug prices are determined using a set formula, and program fees are set at a fixed rate. These rates create a win-win opportunity for the community pharmacy and the hospice agency by providing community pharmacies with reasonable reimbursements, while improving clinical support, cost savings, and drug utilization control for the hospice.

  • Eliminating the Middleman
    By connecting the hospice directly to its local pharmacy, the PHA program eliminates the need for a third party. This can significantly reduce drug cost to the hospice agency while empowering the collaborating pharmacy to provide better service to the hospice. In addition, the PHA program provides a comprehensive set of industry-standard resources, including a network of more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide.

  • Transparency
    By adhering to a strict transparency policy, the PHA program refrains from hidden fees and penalties. When hospice patients require non-formulary products or service from a non-preferred pharmacy, no penalties are assessed to the hospice.

  • Utilization Reports
    Comprehensive report packages provide administrators the tools to closely analyze medication utilization. Reports can be used to identify trends in drug spend, calculate average daily drug costs per patient, and find alternatives to inappropriate cost-driving medications.
Drug Price Management