The Pharmacy to Hospice Administration (PHA) program offers the full scope of services that a hospice agency should expect for the best outcome in patient care and the most cost effective medication management.    

What’s different about the AmerisourceBergen PHA program is that it is LOCAL and it is DIRECT.  The hospice agency works personally and professionally with the community pharmacist to clinically manage the patient’s medications and achieve the very best level of patient care.  The program allows for collaboration between the pharmacist and the clinical staff so that the patient’s medication needs are timely, accurate and cost effective.  The formulary is developed by a pharmacist to ensure the most appropriate drugs are being dispensed.  The pharmacist provides local and direct expertise on medication management through utilization review and collaboration with the hospice clinical staff.  The most important parts of the program are delivered within the community between the pharmacy and the hospice agency. 

Administrative services are also included as part of the program to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.  These services include claims processing, eligibility management, price coding, utilization edits, network management, reporting and other important components of effective administration. The automation of these services through the PHA program creates needed accuracy to assure the hospice agency that the contractual terms are programmed into the system and that medication exceptions are reviewed and approved before they are processed.  The program offers shared access to data and information between the hospice agency and the pharmacy without the interference of a third party. 

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