Pharmacy to Hospice

The Pharmacy to Hospice Administration (PHA) Program was developed by AmerisourceBergen as one of several solutions designed to respond to the dynamic demands of a rapidly changing marketplace for our pharmacy clients and their hospice customers.  Through the PHA Program, AmerisourceBergen provides the administrative tools for our pharmacies to respond to the needs of the local hospice agencies that they serve.  This solution allows the local pharmacy to expand services to include dispensing, clinical drug management and administration.  PHA creates an opportunity for improved collaboration and shared accountability between the pharmacy and the hospice agency without third party interference.  This program creates the administrative foundation for pharmacy and hospice agency partnerships, and a forum for creativity and customization that does not exist today.

The PHA program presents an opportunity for the pharmacy and the hospice agency to come together and respond to shared market pressures including business expenses, declining reimbursement and market consolidation.  AmerisourceBergen provides the administrative services capability to allow for transparency and customization so that the pharmacy and hospice agency can respond more effectively to these pressures. 

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