Frequently Asked Questions

If your pharmacy is providing services to hospice today, or if you are considering expanding in to this space, you may benefit from becoming a Pharmacy Hospice Administrator through the AmerisourceBergen Pharmacy to Hospice Administration program.

I am already providing services to hospice, how does this program
help me?
Through the AmerisourceBergen program there is no middleman so reimbursements will increase.
What if I have a direct contract with the hospice?
Most hospices hire a third party, but there are still a few direct contracts. If there is an existing direct contract, the AmerisourceBergen program could help you retain the relationship and not lose it to a third party administrator.
What if I am satisfied with the reimbursement I receive?
Because most third party administrators are not transparent, they operate on spread so they gain revenue when the reimbursement is reduced. The AmerisourceBergen PHA program would replace the third party with a direct solution and improve reimbursement for you while providing savings for your hospice customers. If you are still satisfied with your existing arrangement, you can reconsider the PHA program when your current situation changes.
Would my hospice clients listen to a solution that could be offered direct?
The AmerisourceBergen PHA solution allows you to contract direct with the Hospice to replace the middleman. A fixed admin fee would replace the hidden spread of the third party administrator with a transparent program that supports both the pharmacy and hospice.
What involvement is required from my pharmacy and what resources does AmerisourceBergen provide?
This solution will require additional work from your pharmacy as you become the direct interface with the hospice on the program. AmerisourceBergen provides the resources and back-end support, but you, the pharmacy, would become the marketing and customer service lead for the program.
What else do I need to know about the program?
  • A network of multiple pharmacies can be created to support the program if needed for emergency purposes or for coverage in other markets.
  • There is a mechanism to pay you for your efforts as the administrator if other pharmacies are in the network.
  • A unique disease-based or open formulary including compounded medications is offered under the program to produce additional savings for the hospice agency and build additional revenue for the pharmacy.
  • A generic Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) price schedule is offered to assure that drugs will not be dispensed under cost and to assure the hospice that drugs will not be dispensed at price levels that are too high.
  • The program is transparent and both the pharmacy and hospice will have access to detailed and custom online reports to manage the drug spend as partners.